Working across the media and entertainment landscape to make strategic PR decisions for your business

Who We Are

We are a public relations shop specialising in strategic communications solutions for media and entertainment companies.

What We Do

From content creation and media relations to market positioning and industry outreach, we have the experience and the knowledge to deliver results.

Who We Work For

We create customized PR roadmaps for some of the best media and entertainment brands in the business.

“If you don’t tell your story, someone else will.”

-Bronagh Hanley

Who We Are

Big Noise PR is a San Francisco-based PR shop working with clients across the entertainment and media landscape to establish a solid brand presence and generate positive and meaningful press.

We are passionate and knowledgeable about the entertainment and media businesses and closely track the latest developments and technology. With so many content, consumption and usage choices available to consumers today, companies need to command the right kind of attention. The Big Noise PR team can speak to the engineers as well as the agents and everyone in between. Whether you are an emerging or established business, Big Noise PR makes the right kind of noise to get you noticed by audiences that matter.

What makes Big Noise PR unique is its ability to be nimble in a changing and competitive landscape. Working with a smart team of freelance communications consultants around the country, Big Noise PR can scale up or down according to your needs, budget, and timeline. We can serve as an extension of your staff, work as on-the-ground staff in cities around the country, manage all facets of your campaign or take a project off your hands and execute from start to finish. Led by Bronagh Hanley, Big Noise PR includes publicists, media trainers, strategists, and event planners. It’s a one-stop shop for your PR needs.
Bronagh Hanley at SRK Headshot Day in San Francisco


Bronagh Hanley launched Big Noise PR to offer emerging and established companies in the media and entertainment field strategic communications solutions that make sense in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. After building the consumer communications program at Netflix from scratch and leading the communications teams for both TLC and Animal Planet, Hanley was ready for a new challenge with Big Noise PR. With social driving the cultural conversation and media and entertainment business models evolving, PR needs to be more holistic and nimble to be effective. And that’s what Big Noise PR delivers.


“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.”

-Richard Branson

What We Do

The Big Noise PR team has the experience and the knowledge to deliver impactful and meaningful results.

Need to define your where your business fits in the industry or introduce your brand to the media? Big Noise PR can develop a sensible and strategic roadmap for your business and determine where it fits in the entertainment and media ecosystem.

Want help figuring out how to clearly explain who you are and what you do? By working with your team and understanding the marketplace, Big Noise PR can help you articulate your mission and vision in a way your key audiences will understand.

Want to see your company name or brand in high-profile consumer and trade media outlets across the country? With deep media contacts at high-profile consumer and trade media outlets across the country on broadcast, print, online and radio platforms, Big Noise PR has placed features and landed segments in national media outlets, from Recode and Variety to NPR, Business Insider, and the Today Show.

Aspire to a thought leadership role in the entertainment industry? Big Noise PR can develop a campaign that positions your business or brand as a leader or influencer in the industry with speaking engagements, polls and surveys, trade and business press and relationship building, byline placement or social media thought leadership.

Need a writer to do the heavy lifting? We are a team of creative writers who can craft a pitch, press release, briefing, statement or speech that speaks to the intended audience using the right tone and tools.

Need an assessment of your online profile to gauge if you are in the right places and talking to the right people? Big Noise PR can conduct an online assessment to determine which platforms and what content are most effective to meet your business goals.



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